In its inaugural year, docLAHOMA will take place in The Paramount (http://www.theparamountokc.com/#paramountokc). 

The last of its kind, the Paramount Cinema was built for the Famous Players Laskey Corporation which later became Paramount Pictures. During that time, any theater owner, distributor, or member of the press could pay fifty-cents to screen a Paramount release. 

For much of the 20th Century, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Warner Bros, and various other studios operated film production facilities on Oklahoma's Film Exchange, also known as Film Row (http://filmrowokc.com/). Now, this district houses an array of photography studios, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops, concert venues, a radio station, and even the Oklahoma Film and Music Office.

Today, the Paramount Cinema is open to the public for special films, events, premieres, concerts, screenings, and festivals.


Paramount OKC 
701 West Sheridan Avenue 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 
United States